Social Networking Privacy Hygiene

There are times in life where a little extra privacy-consciousness is a good idea.  There are those of us who feel a little extra privacy-consciousness is always a good idea.  In either case, the following Arstechnica article is just good advice for anyone, at any time you want not to have your every move broadcast to the internet-going world.

3 thoughts on “Social Networking Privacy Hygiene

  1. Interesting article. I think it’s just a matter of time before a social networking site is sued for not providing adequate training to its users to protect themselves.

    I would imaged that I am behind the curve and this has already happened.

    1. AFAIK it’s not yet happened. So far the big hurdle for cybercrime lawsuits is finding sufficient monetary damage. I would think it’d be a more difficult thing to successfully go after a social networking site, versus a bank or credit card company. If there were such a lawsuit, it would presumably be going after the social networking site because someone fell for a phishing attack or some other scam. Either way, it would be equivalent to going after an ISP for failing to train the user not to fall for such things and that seems overly broad. Why choose the ISP or the social networking site over any other entity?

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