Social Networking Evidence

This has been a rather amusing month for courts dealing with the social networking phenomenon.  First, a Facebook status update was used to acquit someone of robbery.  Now a record exec is being charged with assault for not sending a Tweet to try to disperse a crowd of fans.

It seems to me that the legal response to social networking so far has been very haphazard and a bit amateurish at times, which makes me wonder what the early days of other technological advances were like.  Was there this much floundering with DNA evidence when it was first used?  Or is computer-based technology more confounding to people?

People already in jail have found new uses for this same technology too.  A number of high profile people have been tweeting from jail, which has been a really fascinating view of “life on the inside”.

Bizarre stuff, considering how many people have decried these as just a source of useless babbling.

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