Mobile Malware discussed sensibly

It’s been many years now, about a decade, where security researchers have been predicting a forthcoming mobile malware apocalypse bearing down on us.  Obviously, that has not materialized.  There are mobile threats out there, have been for about a decade, but it never reached the point where it was common outside certain local pockets.  Most of this seems to be due to the fragmentation in the market – there’s no one phone or even OS which is common enough to offer malware writers the bang-for-buck that they get with Windows.

The popularity of iPhone certainly makes it a more enticing target, but as yet the malware has focused mostly on “jail-broken” iPhones, which are arguably security-compromised to begin with.

Mikko Hypponen discusses the threat level of mobile malware with Technology Review in a very honest and even-handed way, not succumbing to the usual rants about impending doom.   Though the last sentence does discuss possible doom-situations, this is still realistic and not melodramatic.

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