Cybercrime, stranger than fiction

I got into this conversation with some new acquaintances the other day and of course the conversation inevitably turns to what we all do for a living.  One guy discusses his job at a home improvement store, and the inevitable less-than-mentally-stable people that come into one’s life while working in retail. (For instance, the lady who wanted to build a false attic so she could hide food and supplies for some impending apocalypse that would come this Winter, which  would prompt people to loot each others’ houses)

I start to discuss my own job, and how reality often sounds every bit as crazy as did the apocalypse-lady’s scenario.  In fact, as the room was noisy, they initially thought my own rant was just my repeating quotes from a mentally unbalanced customer.  No sir, I’m the one spouting the fantastical scenarios.  Except that they are backed up by legitimate prosecutions like those surrounding a ring of carders and ATM hackers in the New York area.

I have, on a number of occasions, said that there needs to be two movies made about the security/anti-malware industry.  One which focuses, like Helvetica, on the strange characters who make up the industry.  Another which focuses on the real-life drama that is enacted day in and day out by researchers, law enforcement officials, and cyber-criminals.

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