Computers aren’t just on your desk

…or on your lap, as the case may be.

There have been a couple posts lately about security on items which are not strictly thought of as “computers”.  The first is about Ford’s latest vehicles with WiFi. At last, drive-by downloads can be a moving target!

The latest is concerning confidential data left on copiers/printers.  This is especially bad in the case of networked printers, as many of those confidential files become searchable on Google, etc.

The moral of the story is that risk assessment doesn’t begin and end with the desk or the cubicle.  Mobile users are a well-known risk, appliances are increasingly becoming risks, and now even vehicles should be included.

2 thoughts on “Computers aren’t just on your desk

  1. I’ve investigated several intrusions which involved compromised “appliances” which most business users wouldn’t classify as a “computer.” As business and even household systems become more and more intelligent (and leverage complex operating systems, open source software, etc) they too must be analyzed in the same we we scrutinize servers and PCs. Basically, if it has an IP, be sure to test it.

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