Mobile model makes malware moot?

I gotta say, upon reading the headline for this article I laughed for a good minute or so.  Yeah sure, buddy.  End of malware.  I’ll hold my breath.

Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a well-balanced and considered view of the future of the malware environment!  And in a main-stream-ish magazine, no less!

It does leave me feeling somewhat optimistic, that perhaps the security industry’s collective wailing and gnashing of teeth have had some impact on hardware and software designers thought processes.  Wouldn’t that be nifty!

I don’t expect, and I don’t think the author expects, that malware will truly come to an end.  What I do think is that malware will begin to be much more difficult for bad-actors to create, and perhaps the profitability for them will decrease if there should be such a time that we move away from the existing/legacy software models (and, of course, assuming we don’t give them a hot new platform).  I certainly won’t happen today, and certainly not tomorrow, but maybe 15 years down the line?

Of course, that says nothing about a decline in the future of phishing, so I’m sure there will still be a security industry even if that comes to pass… 🙂

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