App privacy issues for smartphones

Ooh boy.

For those of you who freak out about Facebook apps and their privacy problems, will you stop using apps on smart phones as well?  Not that I could blame you.   It’s a thorny issue, balancing profitability and privacy…

We all decide what level of privacy invasion we’re willing to accept – in the form of which country we choose to inhabit, how we do or do not use social networking, how we interact with retail establishments, how we interact with government agencies and banks, how we interact with strangers and acquaintances, even how we interact with friends and family.  But more and more, the decision is being made after our privacy’s already been breached without our knowledge.

This is the part that bums me out more than anything.  It’s the de facto standard now for some third party to discover the breach.  And the outcry is so small that little changes.

Do you think this will change in the future?  If so, how?  Will it involve government regulation such as has been recently been suggested?

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