Quick introduction, and a Chinese (or is it Irish) curse.

Hi folks,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Roger Thompson, and I wrote the first antivirus program in Australia, waaaay back in 1987, and I’m one of the few first generation anti virus guys still active in the industry. This probably means that the other guys who started at the same time as I did, guys like Alan Solomon, and John McAfee, were better marketers than I am, because they sold their businesses, and retired, or did other stuff.

That’s ok, because I really enjoy what I do, and like to think I can make the world a little safer, from time to time, through my work. Even if I don’t, it’s still fun.

The world of malicious software keeps changing. Every few years, there is what I call a measurable extinction level event, or ELE, that wipes out the malware of the day, but the Bad Guys don’t give up. They evolve, and find a new way to do Bad Things, and the Good Guys need to come up with a defense, and we’re off again.

We can, and will, talk more about these Ages, and ELEs, in future blogs, but first, let’s talk about the afore-mentioned Chinese (or Irish) curse, which is, “May you live in interesting times.”

We live in _very_ interesting times, and by “very interesting”, I really mean “unprecedentedly dangerous”. As well as dealing with something of the order of a million unique pieces of malware every _day_, we now have to find ways of defending against enterprise or nation-state developed malware, that is being used for espionage, and even worse, sabotage.

Personally, I am fond of electricity, and I prefer it “on”, but more about that later.

This is all unveiling against a background of Bring Your Own Device, (BYOD), also known as Bring Your Own Destruction, to work, and in a World Wide Web that is racing pellmell to make every human being’s personal life visible, and available to the highest bidder. This is also known as “Advertising”, but more about that later, as well.

The reason I joined West Coast Labs is that, from here, I think I can help educate a largely unsuspecting world, and also maybe help figure out which products, both new and old, might help defend us, our personal lives, and our finances. Oh, and help keep the electricity on.

Please stay tuned.

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