West Coast Labs llc

Widely recognized as the world’s leading custom testing organization for information security products and services, West Coast Labs is based in Newport Beach California with research facilities in Atlanta, Seattle, the United Kingdom, and China.

West Coast Labs fills a critical void in the security testing marketplace by delivering analytical research into continuously deployed testing infrastructures engineered for complex business requirements. This approach creates a trust within the industry and academia, while meeting the day-to day operational needs of corporations through in-depth analysis.

In addition to the consultative-based offerings, West Coast labs delivers a public facing certification system that is accepted world-wide. Checkmark Certification is a globally recognized program, utilized by both vendors and end users as a critical standard in the validation of both functionality and performance.

The new Platinum Checkmark is driving leading-edge testing programs that challenge the world’s security technologies to prove their performance in real-world test environments. The system is characterized by its ability to proactively respond to the changing nature of security threats and technologies, the globalization of product and service delivery, and the demand from corporations for vital technical information to support critical management and purchasing decisions.